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K9s for Kids

In recent years, it has been discovered that dogs can be trained to detect high and low blood sugar levels in their handlers and alert when such levels are reached! The “K9s for Kids” program was created to provide assistance finding and locating this type of dog. It can be difficult to do given the limited number of credible training facilities across the country. Creating awareness that programs and solutions exist for families who are unfamiliar with this opportunity is important.

We are thrilled to sponsor a unique "K9 for Kids" event each year in order to raise money for this cause. With the help of our proud sponsors, the Diabetes Friendly Foundation helps purchase dogs for families across the country each year. We present these dogs to their new homes at this event, and we invite you to join us and meet the families and dogs whose lives will be changed forever! The bonding experience for a family and the handler of the dog is a unique, time consuming but exciting process. Please check back as we post pictures of these amazing “K9s for Kids” experiences along their inspiring journey.

Are you or someone you know looking for such a dog? Please visit our contact page and send an email to info@diabetesfriendly.org.

Please check back with us soon as you will be able to follow each dog and as it trains for its new handler!

K9 for Kids

November 19, 2011
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Are you or someone you know looking for such
a dog?

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