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Honorary DFF Family

A look at the families we've helped and the story of their battle against diabetes, in their own words.

The Simontons

Before April 15, 2008, my daughter, Lily was like any other 18-month old child, but then her life changed forever. Our life changed forever. Looking back, I now see all the signs. The moment is still so vivid, the smell so strong, and the words so clear...Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Lily and her D.A.D dog Charlie

Lily had officially been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 18 months old. How could this be? Not my child? Why? Fear had quickly overwhelmed my body as I quickly realized the gravity of her disease. My daughter would require constant monitoring and care in order to live. The initial shock was absolutely devastating, but I soon realized that we would have to just get through one day at a time and that God would get us through this together.

Over the past four years, Lily and I have continued to push forward through endless finger pricks, site changes, highs and lows, tears, sleepless nights, and constant worry. Lily’s little body was constantly changing as she grew, which meant her care was never the same. Her Diabetes was causing so much pain and heartache and taking a toll on our daily life. Unfortunately, I soon realized that her Diabetes management would not get easier and there was not an option of ever forgetting any piece of her care. I was "on" 24/7 and my daughter’s life depended on it. Most importantly, Diabetes was not just Lily's disease, but "our" disease. Together, she and I needed help, security, and peace of mind. As Lily’s mom, I needed reassurance that this “invisible disease” was under control and that I was doing everything possible to ensure she had the best care. I needed another set of eyes and ears...and a nose! We needed a Diabetic Alert Dog.

We now have our D.A.D., Wildrose Charlie! He is absolutely amazing and has been providing the added support that we were missing. Even though he has only been with us a short time, he has proven many times over that his alerts are already making a huge difference in Lily’s care. I love him and his nose! I am so thankful for the training and dedication that Wildrose placed into Charlie. The trust that I already have in him and his alerts is indescribable. I sing praises everyday for what he does to help contribute in this fight against Diabetes . We finally have our guardian angel~Wildrose Charlie!

Angie and Lily Simonton and D.A.D.Wildrose Charlie
Team since June 20, 2011